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MicroShare Enhancement Library
Application Resource Library
GENERAL Report/List Generator for MicroShare
MicroShare Pricing
MicroShare Enhancement Library - Includes quick called Extended Console Commands to speed up program generation, maintenance and installation by putting powerful but commonly used tools at the programming console prompt.

GUI Task Timers Utility - Terrific for tracking time on up to 10 different jobs in progress.

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GUI Directory/File Selection Utility - Great for viewing system directories, building file selection lists for copying or erasing.

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GUI FTP Send/Receive Utility - This program puts the power of FTP at your fingertips. Great for sending program updates directly to a client's system or downloading their most recent data backup. It's excellent for publishing files to the Internet.

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GUI Program Directory/List/Export Utilty - Focusses on MicroShare programs. Helps you locate programs with filename masks, program labels listing and search.

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GUI Backup/Restore Utility - Gives you the ability to make fast copies of MicroShare data and program directories to diskette, zip disks, hard disks, CD R/Ws.  Even backs up into Compressed Zip file format.

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Function Key Re-Definition Utility - Gives you the ability to define multiple sets of function key values and invoke them from the console prompt or call it from any program.

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Sound Event Definition Utility - Gives you the ability to associate sounds with application events that can be called from any MicroShare application. One call can access pre-defined events, any wave file and any SYSTEM sound.

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New Extended Console Commands

CONF - Calls text editor to allow direct modification of MicroShare Configuration File
DEMO - Direct access to the MSB/GUI Demo
DIR - Calls GUI Directory Utility - Navigate system directories, select programs/files w/ name & date masks, copy & erase files
DOS - Direct access to the DOS prompt
EMAIL - Send a SMTP e-mail
EXP - Opens specified directory in Windows Explorer
FK - Function Key Redefinition Utility
FTP - Send/Receive Programs/Files over the Internet
GUI - Opens MSB GUI documentation
HLP - Opens MSB Help Reference
PGMS - Calls GUI Program Search/List Utility
SHELL - Provides Console command access to any windows application
SND - Set Application Sounds
TIMER - Calls Task Timer Utility
WEB - Direct Internet Access Utility

Updated Utilities - Includes complete set of MicroShare Utilities with enhancements and corrections:

FILES directive handles long filenames
NEW directive no longer locks in upper case
LIBDR accepts filename mask
SEARCH & REPLACE doesn't report programs w/ zero matches

MicroShare Enhancement Library
(Includes over 190 programs)

$500 USD

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