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MicroShare Enhancement Library
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MicroShare Features: Run your text based applications in an environment that offers the user the choice of a text interface or an advanced Windows Graphical User Interface. Adding Windows Forms and Controls to your application is simple with MicroShare Mneumonics.

The following form uses a Group Control, Radio Buttons and Push Buttons.

It was created with the following IOLIST executed with a PRINT statment:

07550 IOLIST 'ZF'("N=FTPMENU","O=N","MicroShare Basic FTP Menu",27,7,44,8,9,"Fixedsys",10,
"C=G",2,1,40,3,"Select FTP Operation",
"C=R","N=FTPMENUO1","R=%V%C10001",3,2,15,1,"Send Files",
"C=R","N=FTPMENUO2","R=%V%C10002",25,2,15,1,"Get Files",

Other available GUI Controls include:

Dialog Boxes - selectable size, font, background, controls
Text Areas - updatable
Edit Boxes - with passwords, read only
Message Boxes - Okay, Cancel, Yes/No, Retry
Popup Menus - Point & Click
Pull Down Menus
Drop Down Boxes, Combo boxes
Wav File integration
Bitmaps - Updatable for animations
Buttons w/ text, images, radio selects, check boxes
Hide/Show Control commands

The form above combines the use of a bitmap, text areas, edit boxes and push buttons to collect information from the user.  The Business Basic program running under the form uses MicroShare's integrated Object Oriented SMTP email command to send a report directly to a client.  Each control has a CTL value for easy program flow control.

Full network support: Windows 9x, NT Server & NT Workstation and XP.
Windows Based Terminal Emulator supports GUI escape sequences, local MicroShare task (dialing directory and modem control), multiple transparent printers (files, spoolers,
parallel and serial ports) and file transfer. This is the ultimate Point-of-Sale Machine.

BBx compatibility: MKEYED Files, templates, key redefinition,
windows, global variables, JUL, DATE, CHDIR/PATH, INITFILE,
TSK, FIN, INPUTE (ours supports multiple lines),
DREAD/DATA/RESTORE, matrix arithmetic.. Thoroughbred
Windows KEYEDIO VBX accesses proprietary Business Basic
files from Visual Basic.

MicroShare includes a full complement of File/Program/System Configuration Utilities
Program Encryption Utility for source code protection
Program Library for private/secure storage of application programs
Documentation on Language Syntax & Commands
Documentation on GUI Syntax & Commands
Dot Matrix and Laser Printer Drivers

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