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Business View Accounting Software was developed in the early 1980's before the personal computer was created. It was designed with multiple users and shared simultaneous access in mind. Now in the windows environment, it combines both the Legacy and Graphical User Interfaces.

A key benefit of Business View over its competition is its ability to be modified. When changes are needed, perhaps brought on by the government or competition, there is no need to abandon your software investment. New features or enhancements can be added when desired.

Business View software is feature rich as it is assembled from a time proven library of public programs. Its design offers the user with the functionality of systems 20 times its cost.

Up to 9,999 Terminals
Standardized User Interface
Multi-level Security
Simplified Application Maintenance
Contained Error Handling
Online User Help
Multiple Company Support
Real Time processing
Internet ready (FTP, e-mail, EDI)

Business View is currently available under several operating systems including PERTEC OS/3200, Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME/NT/XP and SCO Unix.

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