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MicroShare Enhancement Library
Application Resource Library
GENERAL Report/List Generator for MicroShare
MicroShare Pricing
MicroShare PRICING: MicroShare pricing is based upon the number of unique users who need access to your MSB application. Each user may launch multiple instances on their console.

Our new MicroShare Windows CD includes seperate installations for your MicroShare Application Server & Workstations. It will automatically configure MicroShare with the following useful parameters:

  • User Name
  • Client Name
  • Terminal ID
  • Application Name
  • Screen Resolution
  • Windows location
  • Operating System type
  • Install Date
  • Application Location

New MicroShare CD Installation

Our enhancements now include a demo mode that offers a 7 day, 10 launch limited use license. You may also define a web address for automatic download of updates/upgrades via the Internet.

MicroShare Login Screen

MicroShare never did so much!

Single User License$295 USD
Multi-User License $250 USD/User
License Upgrade $275 USD/User

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